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Name VizARt 3D
Category Education
Size 80.3MB
Popularity 3886
Publisher VizaraTech
Score 6.0
Publish Date 16/05/2022
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Mod Info:

VizARt 3D

VizARt 3D Game Introduction :

About App :

VizARt 3D App is a proof of concept that brings together the cultural, architectural & historical immersion of a UNESCO world heritage site along with the engagement of learning about important scientific fundamentals using the site as a stage and tool. The ambition of the platform showcased through the app is to increase comprehension of fundamentals as well as trigger the interest of young minds. The next obvious progression of this would be to channelize the underlying platform, to make the app expansive and develop supplementary apps in line with curriculum across the country.

The App needs an Android AR supported device. A full list of all supported devices is available here: https://developers.google.com/ar/discover/supported-devices.

The VizARt 3D app currently has a Rani Ki Vav (RKV) section which is an e-learning app targeted for middle school level and above. It provides an immersive learning experience about the UNESCO World Heritage site of Rani Ki Vav a step-well in Patan, Gujarat, India. The user of the App can see the stepwell models and simulations in AR mode and learn about the Art and Architecture of RKV.

Through this App, the user can get an immersive experience of RKV by interacting with a realistic, 3D model in three different ways – textured view of the step-well, a modular view (all its 7 sub-levels) & a cross-sectional view to understand the architectural geometry of the structure. In the Architecture section, users can also explore each of its sub-levels and view details.

The RKV step-well also has stunning art in the form of sculpted jaalis, sculpted panels, pillars, and pavilions. In the Art section, the user can explore and interact with 3D models of some of the mythological deities depicted in its sculpted panels, such as the Dashavatara (ten avatars of Vishnu) & get more information about them.

The science section is very engaging the user will easily learn about Rain Cycle, Pascal\’s Law, and Archimedes Principle after getting an AR experience of these science experiments rendered with the RKV.

Play with the wind speed and surrounding temperature to learn more about what happens in the ever-changing water cycle. Change the water level in a water vessel or the container\’s density and see what Archimedes has to say when we put it inside the water. Fill water in the RKV, tilt the physical model, and explore Pascal\’s law with its application. Isn\’t this a fun way of learning that our kids should have?

About Vizara :

Vizara is a technology start-up company working at the confluence of cutting-edge technologies, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and 3D printing. We offer solutions in various domains such as heritage preservation, tourism, education, entertainment, infrastructure, new media, and smart city governance.

Vizara was incorporated to explore a unique experiment of translational technology development based upon the outcomes of Indian Digital Heritage (IDH) – a research project of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India.

We work on Knowledge-driven explorations on a 3D Printed scaled-down replica of a monument, heritage site, or city, with a mixed reality user interface and Virtual Walkthroughs.
The AR interfaces are available with 3D printed, scaled-down replicas of artefacts, sculptures, city-scapes, or characters.

Founded by IIT PhDs and incubated at the IIT Delhi Technology Business Incubation Unit (TBIU), the organisation has a strong applied research focus. Although we are on a mission to map each global heritage site onto the digital space through documentation, preservation, and conservation, we are also steadily and sustainably diversifying into industry (manufacturing, travel, education etc.) through the provision of virtual guided tours as well as technical product walkthroughs and simulations in 3D/AR/VR.

VizARt 3D Game screenshot :

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