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Name Rising Fortress
Category Strategy
Size 96.1MB
Popularity 6594
Publisher Boltrend Games
Score 6.0
Publish Date 28/10/2021
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Mod Info:

Rising Fortress

Rising Fortress Game Introduction :

The most free and changeable strategy battle mobile game! It only takes 6 minutes to easily enjoy the super-pleasant strategic duel. Build fortresses, expedition to powerful enemies, new indicators for global real-time strategy mobile games, defeat your opponents with 10,000 tactics! * New indicators for real-time strategy-thousands of tactics allow you to challenge the most freely and changeable, new indicators for global real-time strategy mobile games, and the gameplay system is evolving! Build barracks, collect resources, upgrade technology, and command operations. The four major victory systems are all controlled by you. It can be fast to tortoise, can be pushed and farmed, combined with the line-to-tower gameplay, to create real-time strategic glory! *Control the exclusive commander-dominate the battlefield and control your exclusive commander to fight alongside you! Each commander has unique battlefield characteristics and skills. Use the commander\’s great tricks to attack the enemy in one fell swoop! *6 minutes of fierce battle-0 seconds to send troops in a continuous click at any position, 0 seconds to create a great army, no nonsense, immediately start the fight! The flames of war are on the verge, and the atmosphere instantly heats up! In a very short time, feel the tension of the deceitful battlefield. *Real-time selection of all cards-Pin Technology is the first to upgrade and select up to 6 card units in real time in the battle! Units of Tier 1, 2, 3 can be used! You can predict the opponent\’s play style and match the lineup in real time. Whether it\’s a sea of ​​mixed soldiers and a fast attack, or a helicopter, the most competitive RTS is back! * Two-person team to defend the fortress-defeat the enemy boss with 36 waves of powerful enemies, team up with two to defend the city! Survive together and strive for higher honor awards! *Super RUSH deadly fast break-Explosive Economic Turtle Immortal\’s style of play In addition to the combination of arms and restraint, it can also make good use of the real-time strategy\’s diverse winning system, and play random and changeable tactics-use the fog of war to raid opponents, knoss The tortoise family Dafa in the artillery position, the explosive population of the barracks, the unlimited economic flow of mana… all factions are gathering for revival! * False withdrawal of troops and recovery of mana-wait for the opportunity to take advantage of the virtual attack on the line war, and strive to accurately control the troops! Command the residual blood unit to return to the fortress and recover a lot of precious mana! Take the opportunity to upgrade to top technology, deploy super-powerful force, and expert High-Level soldier control skills, waiting for you to challenge! *No waiting for opening the treasure box-the development of the upgrade quickly receives the victory treasure box, which can be opened directly in 0 seconds, and there is no need to wait for continuous wins and continuous opening. The big victory feels uninterrupted! Use Battle Pass rewards to add more! Develop elite troops and continue to kill the Quartet!

Rising Fortress Game screenshot :

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