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Download I want to raise a fox demon MOD APK v1.9 [No Ads] for Android

Name I want to raise a fox demon
Category Role Playing
Size 44.7MB
Popularity 1518
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 11/08/2021
Download Download Mod Apk
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Mod Info:

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I want to raise a fox demon Game Introduction :

\”I want to raise a fox demon\” is an ancient fox demon cultivation game, where you can take in various types of fox demon, grow up with her, and experience the ups and downs of the world with her.
Game features:
[Freely take in the little fox and start your fox-raising life]
All kinds of little foxes are waiting for you in the legendary Qingqiu Fairy Mountain, and you are waiting for you to cultivate the You Fox, the Demon Fox, and the Mythical Saint Fox. This little fox has a small belly and has a round belly. Many bad ideas, hurry up and tune into them
[Advanced Formation Little Fox Demon Formation Beauty]
There is a difference between one tail and nine tails of the fox monster. As long as you train to the nine tails, you can advance to the transformation. This time the transformation world has changed. It seems that the name of the first beauty in the sky and the earth is not the best. It\’s you, hurry up and compete for the title of the first beauty
[Traveling in the world, full of adventures in the world]
Bring your little fox to travel the world and appreciate the various situations of life. Hundreds of adventure events are waiting for you to unlock. You can also get various costume rewards and trigger various hidden events.
[Sufficient fox students, learn and entertain both well]
Knowledge makes people progress. As a qualified fox demon, if you don’t learn something about the fox clan’s scheming and the customs of the world, you can bring your little fox to the library. Here are \”How to Hook up with the Master\” and \”Fox Clan III.\” \”Sixteen Strategies\” and other encyclopedias, the first beauty from all corners of the world starts with the baby
[Reincarnation Love Reunion in the past and this life]
\”In this life, she is a painter, and you are quick to catch, because the human world is righteous and where your duty lies, you have to kill.\”
\”In this life, she is the daughter of the lord, and you are the eagle dog of the imperial court. Even though your love is as deep as the sea, you can\’t help yourself\”
\”You are a swordsman in this life, she is a beauty, because she is addicted to swordsmanship, she can\’t be seen by her side\”

Love and sadism, thousands of affections are waiting for you to trigger

I want to raise a fox demon Game screenshot :

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