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Download Fridge Sort Master 3D MOD APK v1.0.3 [] for Android

Name Fridge Sort Master 3D
Category Puzzle
Size 73.7MB
Popularity 3218
Publisher Talent Games Studio
Score 6.0
Publish Date 11/06/2022
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Mod Info:

Fridge Sort Master 3D

Fridge Sort Master 3D Game Introduction :

Rearrange the refrigerator after cleaning, and carefully arrange the entire refrigerator. It can accommodate a lot of things here. This will be an interesting trip, which will bring us a lot of different emotions. After sorting out, our mood will gradually change. Even better, there are indeed many challenges for us to do more things.

Game advantage
1. Our task is to put everything in the basket into the refrigerator.
2. The game still tests our reaction ability and overall layout ability. Fill this refrigerator.
3. Reasonably distribute the contents of the refrigerator. The items that need to be placed in each level are different, and it is more and more difficult.
4. Some items are irregular and bring us a lot of challenges. It is only successful to put all these items in the refrigerator.

Game Highlights
1. Organize our own refrigerators, clean up these things, full of them, and look very neat.
2. Easily operate the story, complete various replenishment tasks, and complete the challenge content here for us.
3. Many items need to be arranged reasonably, otherwise there will be something that cannot be put in, so you still need to use your brain.
4. There is no difficulty. Put everything in the refrigerator and fill the entire refrigerator shelf.

Game Features
1. Choose a suitable way to complete our own adventure story and solve the various crises we encounter.
2. When you are bored, put all the items on the refrigerator neatly, so that you have a good mood to do more.
3. Test your hand speed and reaction ability very much. Various layouts are still very interesting. Collect and organize games and find a suitable place.
4. We can have a lot of exercise here, have a lot of fun options, and put all the food we need to eat in the refrigerator.

Player Reviews
You can\’t miss any delicious food. To complete the challenge of this refrigerator, there are many operations that test the reaction ability, which brings us great fun choices. Come here and start to play happily, you will have many choices to place different Items, successfully pass the level here.

Fridge Sort Master 3D Game screenshot :

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