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Download Cooking Voyage MOD APK v1.10.17+b8ce281 [Unlimited Money] for Android

Name Cooking Voyage
Category Arcade
Size 133.4MB
Popularity 6927
Publisher Newvoy Games
Score 6.0
Publish Date 14/06/2022
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Mod Info:

Cooking Voyage Unlimited Money

Cooking Voyage Game Introduction :

Cooking Voyage MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is one of the most anticipated cooking simulator games in 2020. Are you ready to join the challenge?

Introduce about Cooking Voyage

Are you excited about fast-paced cooking games? If the answer is yes, then do not hesitate to experience Cooking Voyage now! You will be the main chef of a luxury yacht, adventure everywhere and cook unique dishes.


The gameplay of Cooking Voyage is very simple. You just need to drag and drop the ingredients needed to cook and press to serve customers. However, don’t think this is easy. The number of customers is increasing, while you need to find ways to gain many combos for each service. The higher the combo, the greater the reward.

Up to now, Cooking Voyage has over 1000 levels for you to challenge your culinary talent. Besides, a lot of achievements are waiting for you to conquer. It constantly changes with each city you go, which adds momentum to your journey.

Besides, the food menu becomes more diverse every time you explore a new city. You will also be serving many new cute customers. No one wants to wait too long. If they run out of patience and leave, your restaurant will be greatly reduced in reputation.

Become a famous chef

More than just a cooking simulator game, Cooking Voyage also has a time management element. Therefore, you need to be mentally prepared to work at a frantic pace.

In the beginning, you may be overwhelmed with a series of tasks that you need to handle. However, just spending some time with Cooking Voyage, you will soon catch up to the pace of the game.

Demonstrate your level of cooking through sumptuous meals in famous restaurants. Your goal is to become a great chef just like Ramsey.

Mastering time management skills, arranging which tasks to do first, customers who need to serve first, you will soon overcome the difficult challenges of Cooking Voyage.

Discover cuisine around the world

Initially, you already owned a superstar ship, the Megayacht. Take a cruise to start your journey around the world, visiting famous cities. And on that journey, you can build a restaurant and continue promoting your passionate dishes.

With the experience gained, the system will unlock more famous landmarks. The unique culinary culture around the world will make you excited.

Expand your restaurant

Cooking Voyage offers thousands of different recipes. At each level, the game only requires you to make certain dishes. Service attitude and quality of food directly affect customer satisfaction. If you accidentally cook “overcooked” something, they are still willing to pay. However, the amount you are sure will be less.

Another tip is that you should serve the customers in the order “first come, first serve”. Because if you let customers wait too long, they will leave. This greatly affects the reputation of the restaurant.

Don’t forget, when you have enough money, you can expand your restaurant and build your culinary empire in many different cities.

Freely designed Megayacht

You can freely transform your ship with many unique features, this will make your journeys will not be boring. For a restaurant, great space is also equally important than the food.

Cooking Voyage offers hundreds of design and decorating options to help you unleash your creativity. This also helps to attract customers and gives them the best experience.


Cooking Voyage is designed in a very beautiful and harmonious 3D graphics. Everything in the game is fun, but not too realistic, but I think it is enough to satisfy most players.

The game is shown from the first-person view. This makes you feel like you are really working in a bustling restaurant with guests from many different countries. Interesting, isn’t it?

Cooking Voyage Game screenshot :

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